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    Shaanxi China Folk’s Restaurant Investment Management Co., Ltd. was established on September 9th, 1999. Led by the board of director, Mr. Wang Wei and vice-director Ms. Hu Yan, and guided by the brand strategy of “cultural Shaanxi cuisine and apparent restaurant”, with the CFR staff’s 14 years of unremitting efforts, our company has developed from a wonton shop of 12 employees smaller than 100 m2 in business area into a large-scale food & beverage group company.  Supported by the food processing and logistics center, China Folk’s Restaurant has the major business scope of Chinese cuisine in chains. It has seven subsidiary branches, including Xi’an China’s Folk Restaurant Big Wonton Food & Beverage Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Chengbohua Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Rongda Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Xi’an Chang’an District Roast Duck Food & Beverage Management Co., Ltd., Xi’an Nanhu No. 1 Food & Beverage Co., Ltd., Xi’an Banquet Food & Beverage Management Co., Ltd., and Xi’an Perfect Quality Food Co., Ltd. It has 5 food & beverage brands, over 2000 staff members, and earns the annual turnover volume up to 300 million yuan.





Over the past 16 years, China Folk’s Restaurant has been adherent to the enterprise tenet of “trust-worthy working and honest behaving”, steadfastly flowing the enterprise vision of “sending China Folk’s food to thousands of families”, promoting the enterprise spirit of “mutual care and help”, and insistent in the business philosophy of “orientation of customer needs”. We aspire to offer the customers the safe and healthy dishes as well as the supreme and enthusiastic service.

At present, we have 13 Chinese cuisine chain stores, including 11 restaurants in Xi’an and 2 restaurants in Xianyang. Now, the group company is pressed with the planned construction of the large-scale food processing center integrated with logistics, processing, delivery, office, and training school in Xi’an Grassland Ecological Park, which covers an area of over 50 mu.

As a modern food & beverage enterprise, the dish quality is the most significant key to the acquisition of commanding heights in food & beverage industry. Over the past 16 years, China Folk’s Restaurant has integrated and modified the cultural deposit of Shaanxi cuisine crafts which passes orally in generations, scatters among the folks almost on the verge of extinction in the birthplace of Chinese civilization over the five thousand years — Chang’an. In this way, China Folk’s Restaurant launches the unique “cultural Shaanxi cuisine”, which essentially enriches the traditional concept of Shaanxi cuisine, and allows the consumers to taste Shaanxi cuisine while feeling impressed with the grand background of Chinese civilization over the five thousand years. The famous dishes of China Folk’s Restaurant include “Tai juice king prawn”, “featured duck liver”, “gold medal fried dumpling”, among which the featured snacks of “folk’s big wontons” are the key treasures of China Folk’s Restaurant.

    The credit business over the past 16 years has been deeply rooted in people’s mind. While winning its own brand, China Folk’s Restaurant also establishes a unique model among the industry, and wins appraisals among the wide consumer public. Now, “Cultural Shaanxi Cuisine and Transparent Restaurant” has the competitiveness beyond copy or imitation within the peers, which is the pride of China Folk’s Restaurant. Best wishes to the widespread of the slogan of China Folk’s Restaurant in every corner nationwide and even worldwide: China Folk’s Restaurant is rooted in Shaanxi, and coagulates its wisdom to achieve eternal splendor and glory!