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Nanhu flagship store of China Folk’s Restaurant, located in auspicious the site on top of Qujiang Pool received warm welcome upon completion of construction, which is of course inseparable from its high-profile building style. With the importation of international design teams and the application of silk, wood carvings, lacquerwares, tiles, Tang’s city walls and other elements, we hope to reproduce the miniature of the flourishing Tang Dynasty and ultimately render the historic atmosphere of the ancient capital city that prospers over thirteen dynasties. Its total business area is 5000 m2, and it is built into double floors. On the first floor, the building serves as business reception assorted with the prime private wine cellars of the city. The cellar remains constant in temperature and humidity, and preserves nearly 40,000 bottles of wines for the members; the wine bar not only offers wines and all sorts of exquisite desserts for a taste, but also preserves the 30 years’ Yunnan Pu-erh tea of the best quality as well as the Yixing handmade clay tea-pot for members’ taste and appreciation. On the second floor, the dining area is designed with 18 different styles of luxurious compartments, among which two membership compartments in 350 m2 are the largest and most luxurious business compartments of Xi’an, which, assorted with the table 5m long for national banquets, the multimedia reception hall and specialized wine cellar at constant temperatures, fully meet your high-end business (private) requirement for reception; among 16 different styles of compartments, each room is carefully built for its layout based on the decorous historic and cultural background of Shaanxi, and it is a great pleasure for the members to find their place among the historical “river” flourishing from Zhou, Qin, Han, and Tang dynasties, embrace the beautiful scenes of Qujiang river over a thousand mu, watch the faraway sight at the riverside, and have a nice drink for a chat. In the workshop, there is also a collection of private objects from all over the world, and the customers’ silver tablewares are all customized and made in Germany, which manifests the noble identity of Nanhu flagship restaurant. The multi-functional hall, KTV, and private theatre are equipped with the world’s top sound audios, and the special butlers will have arranged everything prior to the fashion cocktail receptions, business banquets, customized wedding ceremonies, and senior family parties at constant intervals.

Reasons for Accommodation: without the workshop of Tang culture, the city of Xi’an is not worth a lingering visit. Taking a walk on the riverside of Nanhu River with its flowing spring water, few people could have imagined that an paradise-like secret garden is hidden in such a winding and secluded place. The appearance of Nanhu flagshop restaurant of China Folk’s Restaurant definitely will brighten up the people’s mind, with mental exclamation: it turns out that Shaanxi cuisine could be so exquisite! The “exquisiteness” in Nanhu flagshop restaurant is far from dining feasts at expensive places, but rather the daily grace and art. Name of the Place: Nanhu Workshop of Tang Culture丨Average Cost per Person: about 100 yuan丨Address of the Place: Yunshaoju house, East Entry to Qujiang Pool Relic Park, East of Qujiang Pool Road, Qujiang New District, Xi’an City.00