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CHANG'AN-Folklore Workshop 

Folklore Workshop of Chang’an is the Chinese cultural feast manifested in the maple-shaped country.
  Chang’an originates from Xi’an, China. This city of eternity resembles a lively book of history, the scenes and leaves of which are record of stupendous changes taken place in the Chinese nation. As early as six to seven thousand years ago in the Neolithic age, Banpo Village has become the typical representative of Chinese matriarchal clan community in its prime of time. The capital city of four most prosperous dynasties in the history of China, namely, Zhou, Qin, Han, and Tang dynasty are all established in Xi’an…Xi’an has preserved the rise and fall in the history of thirteen ancient dynasties, and presented nearly one half of the gorgeous Chinese civilization. She is the cradle to the Chinese nation, the birthplace of Chinese civilization, and the source of Chinese culture.
  The Folklore Workshop of Chang’an together with its earthen bottles and lamps are born out of the representative of Shaanxi pottery culture—Banpo pottery house, which originates 7000 years ago and enlightens the development of pottery over thousands of years. Banpo pottery is of high utility and life features. The earthen bowls for food, the basins for water, the bottom-pointed bottles for pumping, and jars for grains are souls in this respect—wooden structures and wood carvings. In the dynasties of Xia and Shang over four to five thousand years, the wooden buildings began to prosper on the vast land of China; in Shang dynasty over three thousand years, the wood carvings have become necessary decorations to many wooden buildings. As a part of the building decoration, the wood carvings serve on the one hand to decorate and beautify the building, and on the other hand to indicate allegorical, symbolic and wishful meanings. The splendid murals from Dunhuang flying apsaras are dotted among the steady and fashionable wood carvings, wooden structures and a variety of earthen bottles and lamps. Over 2300 years ago, murals came to emerge in Qin palace in Xianyang. Born in the period of 16 kingdoms before 1700, the images of Dunhuang flying apsaras are elaborate works of art among Chinese ancient murals. These magic oriental cultural symbols are splendid in the western countries, which manifests the wisdom and course of development in Chinese civilization.
  Taste Shaanxi cuisine and enjoy Chinese culture!