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Shanxi Rongda Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 

Catering industry application software development and system integration as the core,
At the same time engaged in advanced management software development, sales, consulting, computer supplies,
Sales of accessories and electronic products of high and new technology industry companies.

The company was founded in 2009 on September 4, with a registered capital of 1 million. Internal with general manager's office, research and development department, financial department, information maintenance department and other independent department perfect collaboration. Melting and by taking shaanxi people kitchen, sanya big driver, Yin Tianyuan, Jiang Xirun industry in yunnan, shaanxi green tea and other well-known large enterprises of system software and hardware support, and all levels of industry application software product, including members of integral management software, customer relationship management system, OA collaborative office software,Enterprise ERP management software, specifically for large brand catering class application information system engineering to provide comprehensive technical support, and continuously upgrade optimization.

Business Philosophy, Enterprise Tenet

  Rongda Science & Technology is in conformity with the enterprise tenet to “offer the customers modernized management software and considerate service” with the orientation users’ practical needs, to lead and promote the transformation of the dining industrial software technology in the wave of mobile internet age. Rongda company follows the concept of “innovation”, resorts to the solid accumulation of technology, adheres to the customer-first and credit-oriented business philosophy, insists on the technological development philosophy of the maximized customer needs, faces the bigger challenges, and steadfastly marches onward along the path of informatization.

  More information:http://www.sxrdkj.com/

  Rongda Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has its autonomous human resource management system under its subsidiary branch, equipped with the background support system, dinning hall management system, front-desk food & beverage menu system, and customer relation management (CRM) system. The human resources management system (HRMS) includes the personnel daily affairs, remuneration, employment, training, appraisement, and the management of human resources, which also refers to the systematic theoretical methods adopted by the organizational or social communities, as well as all kinds of analysis, planning, implementation, modification of the human resource management in the enterprise, and the improvement of the enterprise human resource management level so as to ensure the human resource at a more effective service of the organization or community objectives.

  Rongda background support system is designed for the practical management need of the rapid developing type of enterprises.
First, it covers the enterprises’: all aspects of business management functions, including purchasing, sales, stocking, production, financing, labor power, decision making etc.
Second, it helps to ensure the enterprises’ effective integration of labor, financial, material and information resources, as well as the improvement of the enterprise overall business level, which also enables the enterprise service providers to clearly observe the business situation in every sections within the enterprise.
Rongda dining hall management system is the analytical system specially developed for the food & beverage industry, which also provides the management level with all aspects of business report data for the enterprise.
Rongda Food & Beverage Management System is a powerful food & beverage management software specially designed for all kinds of hotels and restaurants based on our years of in-depth understanding of hotel and restaurant industry as well as the majority of excellent managers’ requirement for food & beverage management.
CRM is the inevitable outcome in the transformation process from the “product orientation” to “customer orientation”. With the ever fiercer competition in food & beverage industry, nowadays, the enterprises are supposed to extend their focus of attention from enterprise internal maneuvers to the customer relations. Rongda food & beverage CRM is a set of systems specially designed for the food & beverage enterprises.