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Shengbohua Decoration Co., Ltd.
Shengbohua Decoration Co., Ltd. is a professional decoration company with the major business scope of building & decoration projects, indoor design of food & beverage chain contract, and project construction.
  The company was established on April 17th, 2009, having internal branches of financial department, general manager’s office, program department etc., with the annual business turnover over 10 million yuan. Its business scope includes the residential decoration and building, as well as the public space design and construction of hotels, hostels, clubs, squares, exhibitions, office buildings etc. Its sidelines include such industries as garden landscape engineering design, marketing plan, graphic design making, business information, enterprise management council, as well as the sales of package materials, sanitary fittings, pottery products, craftsman gifts, daily necessities etc. The company strives to make progress, takes the lead in the formation of the large-scale service and positioning of “stylized design”, and provides customers with premium service with its perfect service networks and scale advantages.

Active Innovation and Professional Devotion

  Shengbohua Company is deeply rooted in the enterprise tenet of “quality basis and honest behaving”, with its devotion to professional service and initiative in innovative development. Since 2009, we completed the branch design and packaging of many national renowned brands, including Shaanxi Folk’s Restaurant, Chang’an Roast Duck, Nanhu No.1, Sanya Daderui etc. Also, we offer professional design levels and design power support. The enterprise has been leading the innovative development of Chinese public-space cultural design, and aiming at the eternal pursuit of stepping on the industrial frontline to achieve their objectives and steadfastly improve their business management and service level. Shengbohua Decoration is devoted to set a model for the industrial peers, and make a renowned brand among building & decoration industry.