Our Heart Beats for You

by Pamela Atwood, MA, CDP, CLL, Director of Life Enrichment & Dementia Care Services

In our corner of the world it’s hot, miserably humid and generally “icky” (the official meteorological term I’m sure). So I took a moment to think back to February. It’s not my favorite month. By then the holidays are done and I’m pretty annoyed every time it snows, and it seems as if the skies will be grey forever. But it is also the month to celebrate love. George & Gracie, Lucy & Desi, John & Yoko… there’s no shortage of great couples in our history. This past February, HHC celebrated our own wonderful, albeit less-famous couples. Leo & Sarah, Gene & Dee, Dick & Carole, George & Bruna, Ivan & Barbara, Syd & Sandy to name a few.  Every day, our lot is filled with the cars of the people who amaze us – the most significant others of some of the people who live at 1 Abrahms Boulevard.  Some of our HHC couples have been married for more than 45, 50, 55 and 60 years! We asked, “What is the secret to a long marriage?”  Here are their answers:

 “Compromise.” Almost universally, our couples say that compromise is essential to a successful marriage. This is a skill that couples have many opportunities to practice in 50+ years.

“A sense of humor.” Taking life a little less seriously is a key ingredient in a happy marriage. Our couples enjoy reminiscing about happy memories, and still find joy in funny moments every day.

“Never go to bed angry.” Unresolved anger plants seeds of negativity. Resolving problems and forgiveness plant seeds of a long, happy couple-hood.

“Marry your best friend.” Our couples say that they never run out of things to talk about, enjoy conversations about nothing at all, and feel peace just being together.

 To our couples, thank you for inspiring us. We watch your faces as you come in to see the person you love; our hearts leap for joy seeing your devotion, your love and your celebration of the long lives you’ve lived together. We know you feel the sentiment of Valentine’s Day every day – even a steamy July afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Our Heart Beats for You

  1. Inspirational message to celebrate our 14th anniversary! (Even though 14 is an unlucky number in Chinese culture, but who cares!)

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