Low Fat Eating Tips

Change your cooking methods. Try broiling, baking, boiling, steaming, stir-frying, and microwaving instead of frying. By modifying how you cook your food you can cut your calories without cutting your flavor.

Try choosing low fat dairy products such as skim milk and low fat yogurt instead of whole milk and full fat products. You will still get all of the minerals and lose the fat.

Choose low fat food products such as fat-free salad dressings and low fat ice cream. Now there are many choices of reduced fat and fat-free products available but be aware that just because they are low fat does not mean they are low calorie.

Try spices, herbs, marinades and seasonings instead of high fat flavorings and sauces on meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. They can maximize the flavor without adding calories.

Remember to read the Nutrition Facts label on the food products you buy to help guide you in your purchases. Begin to understand which products are high in fat and cholesterol and try to find lower fat substitutes.

Try to eat leaner cuts of meat and skinless poultry, and remember to always trim away the visible fat. Cholesterol will still be found in meat products but trimming away additional fat will help reduce it.

Watch your consumption of fats and oils such as butter, margarine, bacon, cream cheese, lard and vegetable oil. Use seasonings and herbs instead to flavor food items.

Choose lower fat snack items like pretzels, baked tortilla chips, saltines, bagels and frozen yogurt instead of high fat items like corn chips, potato chips, doughnuts, and sour cream.

Try to eat seafood a couple of times a week, instead of meat, as it is naturally lower in fat.

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