First Day of Vacation: June 20th

Photographer by Pasotraspaso

Last day of school!
Devine is jumping for joy.
He’s happy.
He feels he is escaping from jail, a run away boy!
Freedom at last.

He’s not on the beach alone; he is with his girlfriend,
Suzanna, and seagulls over the sky in Coney Island,
Cape Cod, Atlantic City, North Carolina, or Palm
Beach, Florida.

He loves body surfing in warm water, 68oF.
But he steps on a shell and scream so loud, “Oy, Vey!”
Putting bandage on his knee, he has sunburn like a
Taking a bath but no soap,
He’s asking help, SOS… but no one, no one, there to

Dotty, Dr. Pruce, Gerald, Ethel, Amy, Mindy, Manny,
Erna and Ginny
Adult Day Center

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