Facts About Pomegranates

Throughout history, this richly-colored, delicious fruit has been admired as a symbol of health, fertility, and rebirth. Some cultures believed that the pomegranate held profound and mystical healing powers. Others used it for practical tasks such as dyeing fabrics or decorating. Today, the pomegranate’s nutritional value is finally being recognized. Not only is this fruit tasty, it is also packed with vitamins, minerals and health-promoting antioxidants!

Super Fruit?
Pomegranates are naturally low in calories, are a great source of potassium and contain vitamin C and fiber. Studies have shown that pomegranate juice contains more anti-aging antioxidants than cranberries, green tea,grapes and red wine. There is also some evidence that pomegranate juice may help protect heart health by reducing bad (LDL) cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

In addition to heart protection, preliminary research suggests that pomegranates may be helpful in slowing the progression of prostate cancer. Keep an eye out for emerging research on the health benefits of this delectable fruit. Pomegranates may quickly earn the title of super fruit because of their health-bestowing properties.

Eat Up!!
Here are some exciting ways to add pomegranate to your diet:
• Sprinkle raw seeds on green salads.

• Substitute pomegranate juice for water or chicken stock when making couscous or other whole grains.

• Mix a handful of seeds into hummus or other dips for a sweet and crunchy twist.

• Create a sweet glaze or marinade for turkeys and hams.

• Blend with other fruits or teas to make delicious smoothies

Pomegranate Blue Smoothie
• 2 oz. Pomegranate juice
• 6 oz. fat-free blueberry yogurt, frozen
• 1 cup fresh blueberries
• 1 cup non-fat milk
• Handful of ice
Blend together and enjoy!!

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