Steps to Winterize Your Home

By, Vinnie DeSanti, Assistant Operations Officer

It is very important to prepare the inside and outside of your home for the winter months. Ensuring everything from your furnace to your snow blower is at its peak performance will help to avoid mechanical or electrical issues during the coldest months.

Here are some steps to follow when you winterize your home:

  •  Close storm windows

  •  Clean flue of fire place

  •  Make sure you have both working flashlights and batteries on hand

  •  Clean debris out of gutters

  •  Remove debris from areas of high travel

  •  Inspect roof for weak spots, missing shingles, and holes

  •  Keep snow shovel(s) and ice melt handy

  •  Inspect and repair (if any issues) snow blower

  •  Have furnace and hot water heater serviced

  •  Make sure car battery is charged

  •  Put snow tires or chains on car tires

  •  Make sure care tires are properly inflated

  •  Turn off outside spigots

  •  Put away or cover lawn furniture

  •  Store a full tank of propane for emergency grill use

  •  Keep non-perishable foods stocked

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