Safe Travel Tips

By, Vinnie DeSanti, Assistant Operations Officer

During the cold winter months many of us travel to warmer weather or to visit family for the holidays. Whether you plan to fly or plan to drive, there are many travel safety tips that will help in getting you to your destination safely.

  • Make sure you are well rested before you begin your journey

  • If you are traveling with others, make sure they have had adequate sleep as well

  • Know your destination

  • Make sure your car is maintained

  • Make sure you fill up your gas tank

  • Make sure your oil is properly filled and you have extra in case of an emergency

  • Make sure you have an emergency kit which includes:

-First aid kit
-Spare tire
-Jumper cables
-Fire extinguisher
-Warning lights, hazard triangle, or flares
-Tire gauge
-Jack and lug wrench
-Gloves, hand cleaner, and clean rags
-Blanket and pillow

  • Taking breaks if you traveling long distances

  • Check the weather forecast

  • If traveling by air make sure you have all the proper papers

  • Leave plenty of time for security checks

  • Make sure you have extra money incase your luggage is overweight

  • If traveling with kids have enough snacks, games, movies, etc.

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