How to Get and Stay Organized

By Linda McDonnell, Director of Quality Management

Have you seen those television shows about hoarders? Are you one of them? If so, you may be beyond my help! Here are some tips for the rest of you to help you get organized and, hopefully, stay that way.

Medicine Cabinet

  • Go through all your prescription and over the counter medications.

  • Put aside all the medications that have expired or you don’t take anymore.

  • Check with your local pharmacy for the best way to dispose of them.

  • Purchase a pill box that is large enough to fit all of your medications.

  • Pick one day a week when you fill the pill box. By doing it this way, you can concentrate and be accurate.

  • Put the bottles away in a cool, dry, secure area.

  • Keep the pill box nearby for ease in remembering to take them but out of reach of children.

Bill Drawer

  • Gather all your receipts, invoices and bills.

  • Most receipts can be discarded once you receive the next statement. Just verify they received your payment.

  • In a separate area, gather bank statements, saving statements, investment documents, and pay stubs.

  • Check with your financial advisor, but a good rule of thumb is to save weekly/monthly/quarterly statements and if they reconcile, keep only the last statement of the year.

  • Look for any free shredding events held by reputable companies or use a cross cut home shredder. Do not throw your important papers out without shredding them first!

  • Buy a package of hanging file folders and put them in a box. (You don’t need to buy a file cabinet.)

  • Label each folder and keep your ongoing receipts, bills and statements. (Utility, Taxes, Insurance, Medical, etc.)

  • Once a month, go through everything when you balance your checkbook and pay bills.


  • Keeping clothes that don’t fit or you don’t like clutters your closets and drawers.

  • Donate gently used clothing and get a tax deduction!

  • Discard stained, ripped items and worn shoes.

  • Separate seasonal clothes. If you don’t have extra space, put current items in the front of your closet or in the easier to reach drawers.

  • If you have trouble distinguishing black from navy, use color coded hangers or put navy on one side and black on the opposite. It will save you time and help you look coordinated.

  • When you purchase new items, try to buy things that can be interchanged to increase your wardrobe possibilities.

Book Shelves

  • If you love the feel of holding a book in your hands while reading, you probably have a lot of books hanging around.

  • Keep only special and collectors books on your shelves.

  • Donate others to your local library (so you can borrow them again) or to a used book sale (for others to enjoy).

  • Old outdated reference or text books can be recycled.

  • Use your local library to borrow books rather than spend the money. You’ll read more books way, too.

  • Buy books at used books sales, read them, then re-donate them next year.

One thought on “How to Get and Stay Organized

  1. These are great tips! I love that I don’t need a file cabinet – excellent point. Also the color coded hangers. Terrific. Love this post Linda!!

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