National News Warns of Alzheimer’s Epidemic

By Pamela Atwood, MA, CDP, CLL, Director of Dementia Care Services, Hebrew Health Care

I recently wrote a presentation proposal warning 6 Steps Businesses should take to prepare for the Dementia Epidemic.  As I wrote it, I wondered if folks would think “epidemic” was too strong a word. National media outlets are running a story today which confirms advocacy groups’ predictions are accurate: Alzheimer’s will hit epidemic proportions.  If we don’t find a cure, we can expect 13-16 million Americans to have it by the middle of this century (in the next 35-40 years).

Currently 3.5 million people live in Connecticut. That means that the number of Americans with dementia already exceeds the entire population of our state. If more than 13 million have Alzheimer’s, that 1.5 times the number of people who live in New York City (8 million in 2010 census). It’s more than the entire population of Illinois.

So what can we do?

  1. Support research for a cure.
  2. Support organizations that care for people with memory disorders and their families.
  3. Learn our own risks of getting dementia, and work hard to minimize our risks.

We CAN take an active role in our future. Email or call us (860-920-1810) to get a FREE COPY OF THE DEMENTIA RISK SCREEN and learn which factors put you at risk of being one of the millions in our country’s Alzheimer’s Epidemic. Also, ask us about our programs and services which support people with memory disorders and their families. Ask how you can support our efforts as we bravely face this epidemic.

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