Caffeine and Performance: Fact Sheet

Jiuseppe M Russo RD, CD-N, Clinical Dietitian Manager,  Hebrew Health Care 

For centuries, caffeine has been one of the most studied ingredients.  There is evidence that caffeine can be beneficial, both physically and mentally, during athletic performance.

Caffeine and Mental PerformanceSeveral studies have proven that caffeine increases key aspects of cognitive function.

Caffeine and Physical Performance: There is evidence that caffeine can improve physical performance.  It is shown to improve endurance during physical exercise when consumed before the activity.

Caffeine and HydrationContrary to popular belief, studies have shown that beverages with caffeine in them can help keep an athlete hydrated during physical performance.

2 thoughts on “Caffeine and Performance: Fact Sheet

  1. I’m interested in the caffeine-hydration topic. Would you send me the link regarding the studies mentioned please? Thank you!

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