Who Says Men Don’t Care?

By James V. Gambone, Ph.D. and Rhonda Travland, M.S.

Reviewed by Amina Weiland, CDP, Coordinator of Dementia Care Services


There is a myth in society that men don’t care, aren’t in touch with their emotions.  When people think about the role of men in caregiving, they usually think about the stereotype of the men who are more logical than women; always in control of their emotions.  However, there are many roles that men may have played in past experience which prepare them for care their loved ones.

Who Says Men Don’t Care? is a “one-of-a-kind” and easy to read caregiving resource directed for male caregivers in the 21st century. It is an assessment tool to help caregivers identify their personal strengths and weaknesses, to find out the type of caregivers they are. Are you the Angry Man, the Lone Wolf, the Techno-Virtual Caregiver, the Manager, the Worker, the Perfectionist or a combination of each?

This book gives a whole new perspective of male caregivers to care for their loved ones emotionally and physically, and how they can become ”self-determined, balanced and guilt-free caregivers.”  More important, it points out why and how caregivers can get help!

Here are few useful online resources for YOU.

Family Caregiver Alliance
National Center on Caregiving

Offers comprehensive caregiving information and advice, fact sheets, reports and studies, discussion groups and newsletters for caregivers, practitioners, policymakers and researchers. In addition, a state-by-state resource guide offers a searchable database of publicly-funded caregiver support programs.

Phone: 800-445-8106  Website: www.caregiver.org


A consumer-oriented site offering caregivers information about general topics in caregiving, including “caring for parents” and “finding help.“

Phone: 888-687-2277  Website: www.aarp.org/families/caregiving

National Family Caregivers Association

Consumer-oriented site that supports family caregivers and offers education, information and resources.             Phone: 800-896-3650         Website: www.nfcacares.org

Alzheimer’s Association

The website is superb -tons of tools, information and resources. Helpline is 24/7.

Phone: 800-272-3900  Website: www.alz.org

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