Pamela Atwood, MA, CDP, Director of Dementia Care Services

“Super-caregivers” are those who are able to keep most-of-it together while still providing the support their loved ones need. Everybody would love to be a super-caregiver; those who are shared the secrets to their success. Here are the top 3 tips from super-caregivers. Email for the full list of 10 secrets.

1) Go to bed each night and get up each morning on time so you can start the day rested and without rushing.
If you’ve been reluctant to keep to a schedule, now is the time to develop a new habit. Sleep hygiene is essential to balanced wellness and effective caregiving.

2) Say no to commitments that will not fit into your time schedule or that compromise your mental or spiritual health, even if someone says it’s something you “should” do.
Our rule of thumb is “don’t let anyone SHOULD on you!” Know your schedule and stick to it by limiting tasks and activities which are draining. If you have something you cannot avoid, ensure you have something pleasurable to do after to re balance your spirit.

3) Delegate tasks to capable others.
For people who mean it when they offer their help, delegate tasks to them. Start with things that are tedious, difficult or stressful for you: grooming the dog, painting the deck, finding the best deal on heating oil or grocery delivery services.

For more information on caregiving tips and stress relievers, follow this blog, and join our mailing list for helpful ideas and resources. Get your FREE TOP TEN SUPERCAREGIVERS TIPS by emailing TODAY!

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