Jiuseppe M Russo RD, CD-N, Clinical Dietitian Manager

Staying hydrated is so crucial especially during the summer months.  Now that the weather is getting warmer, we are more likely to be involved in more outdoor activities.  These are the times we really need to make sure we are drinking more than enough water.

Below are some tips to staying hydrated during the summer months:

  •  Keep water with you.  Seeing the glass or bottle sitting next to you can remind you to drink.

  • Add citrus fruits or fresh herbs to give your water a flavor boost.

  • Try frozen fruit bars for a water-packed dessert.

  • Do the at-home test.  Check how dark or light your urine is.  While not as exact as lab tests, it will give you an idea of how you are doing.  Aim for almost clear.  It if is dark, it is time to drink more.

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