First Day of Vacation: June 20th

Photographer by Pasotraspaso

Last day of school!
Devine is jumping for joy.
He’s happy.
He feels he is escaping from jail, a run away boy!
Freedom at last.

He’s not on the beach alone; he is with his girlfriend,
Suzanna, and seagulls over the sky in Coney Island,
Cape Cod, Atlantic City, North Carolina, or Palm
Beach, Florida.

He loves body surfing in warm water, 68oF.
But he steps on a shell and scream so loud, “Oy, Vey!”
Putting bandage on his knee, he has sunburn like a
Taking a bath but no soap,
He’s asking help, SOS… but no one, no one, there to

Dotty, Dr. Pruce, Gerald, Ethel, Amy, Mindy, Manny,
Erna and Ginny
Adult Day Center


Hevenu Sholom Alaichem.
Hevenu Sholom Alaichem.
Hevenu Sholom Alaichem.

This picture looks real.
This is a boy.
He thinks he is important

He has a light bulb in his hand.
He pretends he is a lamp.
He is jumping on a leather couch.
He is jumping on a Papa’s chair.

Summertime, he is swimming on the carpet!
His mother asks him to calm down.
He likes to watch classical movie “My Fair Lady.”
And he has vegetable soup, borscht and ice-cream for dinner.

~ Special Care Unit, Phyllis, Esther, Mary, Mikhail

Snowy Christmas

Georgie, is an English postman, delivers yellow, blue parcels, and mail from all over the world.

Georgie lives across the street in the red house.

He has a big smile on his face because he finds a box of Whitman chocolate with his name.

~ Special Care Unit, June

Chicken Man

Warm and sunny day in Mexico
Penny is the chicken man.
He is wearing cut overalls with a bright white and yellow shirt.

Penny is marching with the chickens, like a King.
He is putting chicken back to the coop.

Roosters, hens, and baby chicks.
Black, Brown, and white.
Red wing, red horns or just simply called “The Reds” like the Iris girls.

He has a big family with 6 children.
His wife is a good cook.
They have fried chicken, biscuits, peas, turnips, strawberry juice and cranberry juice for dinner.

~ Special Care Unit, June

1920 Cotton Club

Happy! Happy! Pretty Shoes!
New Year’s Party!

The ladies are behind the red curtain.
Actresses or tap dances.
Charleston! Waltz!

The ladies are shopping at Atlantic City, buying different colored shoes,
brown, black, red, white, tan…

In 1920, Cotton Club, Harlem, New York City,
The ladies are showing their legs in an audition for “Hello! Everyone!”
They pick up 10 show girls who have pretty legs.
The show girls put on flapper dresses and bobbed hairstyle.
They put on cranberry red lipsticks.

Wow! Welcome Mayor of Harlem, Mayor of NYC, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway…
They wear tuxedo with black, red and gold bow ties.
The ladies wear white night gowns, sexy back open dresses with jewelries.
Diamond, pearl, red ruby.
Pink Martini, champagne, beer, ginger ale, cocktails.

Lights dim!
Drum roll! Swinging jazz! Spot Light! On!
Duke Ellington welcomes the audience.

Scotch on the Rocks. Count Down, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Happy New Year!

~ LTC, Dr. Rudy, Pauline B, Molly D., Philip M, Frances O. ,Wesley

Mary & Jane

In 1935, Ocean Beach, New London, Connecticut.
Mary and Jane go to the beach for vacation.
They live in Westport, Rhode Island.
They came to the beach on a carriage.
Mary and Jane are sisters.
They’re sitting on a black and white striped hammock.
They’re talking about the weather
They’re waiting for their family.

Mary wears a long black skirt with a silver buckle.
She wears a long-sleeve white blouse with a black bow tie.
She wears a pair of pointy shoes and a big tall hat.
She may be a teacher or a librarian.

Jane wears a gray and black dress with white lace trim at the bottom.
It’s pretty.
She is not a nurse, may be she is a teacher.

What about a glass of lemonade?
Polka dots Bikinis
Waves splashing.
They are wet.
Thanks God. They are safe.

~ Special Care Unit, Muriel Goldberg, Mary, Shirley, Rose, Lenora, Bernice


Just a quick note about the blog posts for today – they are from creative writing groups lead by Amina Weiland, Certified Dementia Practitioner in Hebrew Health Care’s Dementia Care Services, and also a certified Timeslips facilitator.  Timeslips is a great resource and you can learn more about this innovative and fun program at Our residents and clients love creating their own inspired stories with staff and volunteers. They especially love putting the whole thing together to create a fun story. Enjoy, and tell us what you think. If you share your positive thoughts in “comments,” we’ll share them with our clients!